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Foundation for Freedom Formula

At the heart of this website is a Unique Transformational Solution (UTS) developed by Sharon Lynn, called the Foundation for Freedom Formula (FFFF). This solution is a constantly evolving, modular business creation & development system. It's built around what Sharon believes are the six key requirements for anyone looking to create, grow or transform their business:


Gain clarity on your passion and purpose to unlock your full potential and build a successful heart-centred business


Create something that sets you apart which systemises your knowledge and solves your clients problems


Uncover which clients you really love spending time with, and find out how best to serve their wants and needs


Know what products to develop which add value, build long-term relationships and also position you as an expert


Define your vision, mission and beliefs so others will 'get you' and understand the purpose of your business


Improve your income by taking your client on a transformational journey and shining your light (with little to no marketing!)

Foundation for Freedom Formula

At the heart of everything we do is the Foundation for Freedom Formula (FFFF), a constantly evolving, modular business creation & development system, built around six key concepts:


Reduce confusion around your true passion and purpose, so you can unlock your full potential and build an authentic business


Gain an understanding of who you need to connect with, and how to engage with them, so you know where to focus your energy


Save time and avoid unnecessary 'marketing', so you can actually enjoy the process of finding and connecting with new clients


Define your mission and purpose, so you have a road-map for your business that can guide you to success


Enhance your products and services, so you can add value and build longer term relationships, and a sustainable business


Improve your income and profitability, so you can truly have the life you desire by doing the things that you love 

I love working with Sharon

I LOVE WORKING WITH SHARON - After the initial free taster session I signed myself up onto the next module of the FFFF course. I was with like-minded business spiritual entrepreneurs all finding answers and light bulb moments to push us to discovering and honing down our mission with our businesses. I came away with so much knowledge that I just know would have taken me hours if not days/weeks (if ever) to come up with on my own. It was worth every penny and gave me clarity to who I am and where I am taking my business. I was so impressed that when Sharon mentioned the 2-day mastermind course, I knew I had to be there. Beyond excited, I just know I will get great value to being away from all the noise of my busy life. Staying in beautiful country surroundings and able to think clearly to come away with even more clarity to take my career and mission to the next level. Bring it on. Thank you, Sharon, for introducing me to the Foundation for Freedom Formula. I enjoyed the workshop and found it informative; just what I'm looking for to help me move forward with my business. I'm look forward to the next workshop.

Inspiring speaker with a passion

Sharon is an inspiring speaker with a passion for what she believes in. She is always there to answer any questions, helps and guides you in the direction that you need to go. I would highly recommend Sharon.

Amazing help & inspiration

Just wanted to say what an amazing help and inspiration the first session with Sharon was! An idea that has been swimming around my head is starting to form into a much more structured idea with a direction and some finesse! Cannot wait to go back with my 'homework' and see what we can achieve next time!

Thank you Sharon for all your hard work and creative flow! Without you the technical system - the blueprint for exceptional bridal stores - would not be taking shape! What started as my 20 years of experience in my head and the 'know how' but not the 'show how' is coming together in a way I can guide and advise others. An enlightening experience of the importance in creating systems in your business to show others. And making them make sense! Thank you xx

Seeing our business grow daily

We connected with Sharon at a time when we were ready to move forward with our business. Now we have systemised our knowledge, have our unique solution and are going forward with confidence & belief that we are on the right track. Now we are seeing our business grow daily.

Karen Jones Author of Happy You Happy Body
Angela Brigenshaw Spiritual Medium and Healer
Nicola Leverington Bridal Gowns at Jodi
Janet & Corinna Unique Soul Healing

Try out the Foundation for Freedom Formula for Free

Unlike some systems that want you to become experts in this-or-that marketing system and often end up just giving you a headache, the Foundation for Freedom Formula (FFFF) takes a holistic approach to business with simple, easy to implement steps that can bring profound insights and transformation to your business.

The best way to see how it works is to experience it for yourself, so we would love to send you Module 1 - the Passion T.E.S.T.E.R with our compliments. Simply enter your details & click the button.

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Foundation for Freedom Formula

Wednesday 29th & 30th November 2017
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This is your opportunity to spend two days with Sharon Lynn (the creator of FFFF) working on all aspects of your business at our Business Growth Intensive. This is an amazing opportunity to dive into the Foundation for Freedom Formula for Healers, Therapists, Lightworkers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Make 2018 be the best year ever for your business.

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