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November 2, 2017

Do you have a USP and are you following the right Passion?

Do you have a USP and are you following the right Passion?

You are undoubtedly passionate about your chosen therapy or mode of healing but...

Why did you choose it?

I bet it's because of the results your clients get, however,

Which are you more passionate about - the ‘therapy’ itself, or the results?

My guess, is the latter. I’ve seen therapists, healers & intuitives training in many things, usually to enhance a client's well-being, but more often, they are also trying to earn extra money and grow their business. I believe when you follow your passion, you overflow with clients and abundance, however, you do need to uncover your true passion; and it might not be the thing you trained in! Let me explain...

I recently spoke with a lady who is part of a famous network marketing healthcare brand. She loves the products and company, however, when I quizzed her on why she was with them, it wasn’t about her passion for the products; it was about her mission to help get women out of the corporate rat-race and create a successful, lifestyle business for themselves. There were lots of ways in which this lady could be doing that; for example through inspirational talks, workshops and books.

So...what could you uncover and share alongside your therapies/healing that really starts to open up and build on that deeper passion of yours?

I'm talking about the experiences, knowledge & expertise you already have, that’s lost when you just give ‘treatments’. I can assist you in uncovering your true passion and together we can create a Unique Transformational Solution. This is your USP and it gives you the ability to stand out over others, share your message with more people and serve them in a deeper way.

  • What issues can you solve and how?
  • What got you on this path?
  • What’s your vision, mission & message?

Don’t be selfish and deny clients the best of you: stand out and shine more!

Are You Ready?

Sharon Lynn

November 2, 2017

Understand Your Client’s Needs

Understanding the Core Needs of your clients

('sell' them what they think they want but give them what they actually need)

Following a poll I posted in TTN Facebook Group this was the most popular subject, so as promised here is something I hope will assist you. The world of therapies and healing can be quite a tough nut to crack in some ways with regards to really understanding your client’s needs, because as a therapist you know you can help them on so many levels with so many things! 

Having worked in Complementary Health & Healing for many years I never thought too deeply about what my client ‘needed’, as I intuitively gave them what I thought they wanted. What I realised (after many years of 1-1 sessions and running workshops & events etc.) was that my clients or attendees would invariably come with something in mind that they wanted to deal with, or – as was usually the case – simply because they were drawn. What they subsequently got out of the session or workshop was always more than what they came for, and at a much deeper level.

It’s only in recent years having been around £million businesses and serial entrepreneurs that I’ve cottoned on to a thing or two about all of this, and seen that there are actually learnable ways of understanding what your clients need and then offering it to them in a way they ‘get’.

Think about this…

What would your client say they want, if you really dug deep? Just one thing…To Sleep? Have boundless Energy? To earn more Money? Feel Confident? Stop an Addiction?
Once you know what that is – ‘sell’ them that one thing (what they think they want). You know you can give them so much more, but once they are with you, you can explain and do (if appropriate) whatever else you can offer (what they actually need)!

Example: Miss X might say she wants to be happy in her relationship again. What she actually needs is to learn to love herself, but if you try to ‘sell’ her the idea of the latter she won’t be interested.

We usually know what our client needs and that's what we often try to 'sell' them, but it’s much easier to serve them with what they think they want. For example, one of the things my clients think they want is to build their therapy business with no marketing. So I 'sell' them the No Marketing Marketing Solution. The course I offer is about Knowing Your Mission, Sharing Your Message and 'Shining Your light' with the world. Guess what? It's all ‘marketing’, but without the client having to feel like they are marketing or selling themselves.

Top tip - no-one buys in a confused state, so whatever you say, make it simple and results focussed i.e. a reflexology session can give you boundless energy. One therapy option, one result. Keep It Simple Sweetheart (KISS) x

Sharon Lynn