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Foundation for Freedom Formula

The Foundation for Freedom Formula is at the heart of our mission to help lightworkers and therapists create successful and profitable heart-centred businesses, allowing them to reach more people by doing what they love

Foundation for Freedom Formula

For Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

The Foundation for Freedom Formula is a Unique Transformational Solution (UTS) that I’ve created especially for Lightworkers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. The purpose of the Foundation for Freedom Formula is to assist you in building a Successful Heart-Centred Business; in a fun, easy & affordable way.

"Do what you love, love what you do and create the lifestyle you dream of"

This simple 9 step solution guides you from where you are now, to where you want to be. It can assist you in being successful & abundant doing what you love, and, loving what you do; following your heart and transforming lives.

What can FFFF do for you?

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    It can REDUCE CONFUSION around your true Passion & Purpose
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    You will GAIN KNOWLEDGE of exactly who to connect with
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    It can SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY and the 'discomfort' of unnecessary marketing
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    It teaches you how to really ENHANCE YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES and the way you serve others with your knowledge, experiences and wisdom
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    Follow the 9 easy steps and ultimately IMPROVE YOUR INCOME & lifestyle
This system shows that Lightworkers CAN HAVE a successful and profitable business by simply doing what they love!

The Six Key Focus Areas

I believe there are SIX KEY THINGS you need to understand and work with in order to create a successful heart-centred business that you love, which can give you the business, and ultimately the life you dream of - for yourself and those you love.


You need to understand what your passion is and allow yourself to be in flow with it


You need to know your tribe and who you really love working with and serving


You need to get clarity on not only your purpose, but the purpose of your business


You need to know how to present your knowledge and what you are offering


You need to know the best product/s for your market and target audience


You need to know how to structure your prices, take your client on a journey and shine your light

In the Foundation for Freedom Formula, each of these ‘needs’ has at least one solution or mini system. Each of these is broken down into easy steps, so you can literally take one step at a time throughout the entire process. You can go through this system as quickly or as slowly as you wish. It is a journey, and one that should be enjoyed.

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