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Systemise Your Knowledge

  • Do you have a wealth of information in your head?
  • Would you like to grow your business or create a new one?
  • Have you got an idea for a course, workshop or training manual?

If you answered yes to any of these, then let’s work together to systemise your knowledge and create, something I call, a Unique & Transformational Solution (UTS), for your business.

"Creating a UTS lays the foundations for future growth!" 

What is a UTS?

A Unique Transformational Solution is a framework for all your knowledge. It is something unique to you and your business. The process of creating a UTS allows us to get all the knowledge out of your head in a way that can be formulated, put on paper and into a framework whereby you can teach it to others.

Having a UTS will revolutionise the way you share your knowledge with clients or prospects, and subsequently serve their needs. Your Unique Transformational Solution can take your clients on a journey from where they currently are in their life / business / relationship etc. to where they want to be. Through your UTS you will guide them, step by step, from one place to the other.

Together we can create something unique to you, that stands you and your business apart from the crowd. It will also be a piece of intellectual property and something that is memorable for your client. Your UTS can also become part of your brand.

The process of creating a UTS

Creation time can vary depending on how much information you wish to share and how complex the solution is. On average, it takes around 4-6 hours to formulate something from start to finish, including a graphic concept and overall name for your UTS. This is usually spread over 2 or 3 two-hour sessions, with time in between each session for you to add, tweak or brainstorm. The sessions take place in person at my office in Kent. (If this is not possible for you please contact me to discuss other options).

We will start by getting to the core NEEDS of your client. This is done through me asking you a series of questions around what it is you want to share and what it is you feel your client will need to know. For example your client might need to know how to Prepare, be more Passionate and to Profit from something. Or it might be they need to know how to create the right Mindset, how to Meditate, Market & Monetize their business. We usually come up with between 3 and 6 core needs.

Then, we will look in depth around what knowledge you have that can assist with each of those needs and build mini, memorable solutions to go with each need. Sometimes there is more than one mini solution for each need. For example, in the Get Writing, Get Published! Solution you will see the needs are PREPARE, PRODUCE, PUBLISH & PROFIT. If you look at the graphic you will see that each need has two solutions. So the first core need of a client on the GWGP course is knowing how to prepare to write a book, for which we have developed The Block A.I.D.E.R and The Transformation Target.

"Not only will you create your UTS with me, but I will also show you how you can monetise your UTS and use it to grow your business in more ways than one!"

As well as The Get Writing, Get Published! Solution, I have also created The Foundation for Freedom Formula. I’ve seen and experienced what a difference it makes to a business, both financially and transformationally, by having a Unique Transformational Solution, especially one that is branded to your business.

Here are some of the systems I’ve worked on with clients over the last few months:

  • VISIONary System
  • Social Media Marketing Roadmap
  • Bridal Shop Business Booster
  • Woman's Emergence Activator
  • Unique Soul Healing System

What People are saying...

I just wanted to say what an amazing help and inspiration the first session with Sharon was! An idea that has been swimming around my head is starting to form into a much more structured idea with a direction and some finesse! Cannot wait to go back with my "homework" and see what we can achieve next time! I have already done loads in terms of writing stuff down, researching my audience further. Checking out online platforms for courses and whether anything like it exists. Looking at the current bridal retail associations and what they offer (there’s nothing training wise) I am super excited and cannot wait until our next meeting !!!

Nicola Leverington
Bridal Gowns at Jodi

And here's what Janet & Corrina Bristow of Unique Soul Healing had to say after developing their UTS, which has subsequently gone on to be six chapters of their book and the foundation for courses, a stage presentation and workshops!

Looking back, Unique Soul Healing reconnected with Sharon at a time when we were ready to move forward with our business. Corrina and I knew that we had good creative abilities, but we lacked confidence and Sharon helped us in so many ways, suggesting different ideas to help. We worked with her and she helped us develop our UTS which has literally launched our business.

We feel without Sharon's help we would have been struggling a lot more and not really understood the direction that was needed for a successful business. Now we have systemised our knowledge and have our unique solution, we are going forward with confidence & belief that our plan is working, and it’s providing us with greater opportunities. We are seeing our business grow daily, which, we believe, without Sharon's help, would not have grown the way it has. So, if you are thinking, or undecided, about working with Sharon or attending one of the many events she organises, take it from us - go for it! We have never looked back.

Janet & Corrina Bristow 
Unique Soul Healing™

How to get started...

Total Investment for UTS creation is just £397

I will show you how to very quickly make this investment back. The Get Writing, Get Published! Solution brought our company £2,167 in its first month.

email mouse2sharon@gmail.com to book your sessions

Not sure if it is right for you?

No problem, if you would like to find out more about creating your own Unique Transformational Solution (UTS), I offer a half hour Free Discovery Call or face-to-face Session at our offices. Just drop me an  email to mouse2sharon@gmail.com to schedule a date & time.

I look forward to our UTS Journey

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