The Vision

“You should only ever earn money from doing what you love - so do what you love, and love what you do. Follow your heart!”


An online Global Resource and Community where Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists & Intuitive Entrepreneurs can find all they need in one place, to grow a successful and profitable heart-centred business.


For heart-centred experts and business professionals to supply their experience and technical know-how, through free resources and services, making business creation and growth easy and affordable (for Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists & Intuitive Entrepreneurs).

The Declaration

The Entrepreneurial Lightworker brings together a multitude of trusted connections and resources for growth of profitable heart-centred businesses.

This website can:

  • SAVE YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY if you are looking to transform lives, and serve more
  • REDUCE CONFUSION over how to reach more people - without the stress of traditional marketing!
  • BRING KNOWLEDGE and CLARITY of exactly who to work with to build your business easily
  • INSPIRE IDEAS regarding the best products and services to offer and how to monetize them
  • IMPROVE OPPORTUNITIES to connect with the right people and information for mutual growth, building strong foundations for lifelong relationship

My Belief

 I know that Lightworkers really can have a successful & profitable heart-centred business, and the life they dream of, by doing what they love, when they have the right resources and are part of a global like-minded and like-hearted community

Ultimately this website guides Lightworkers towards the freedom they desire and aims to prove that anyone can be successful, by doing what they love.

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