November 2, 2017

Do you have a USP and are you following the right Passion?

Do you have a USP and are you following the right Passion?

You are undoubtedly passionate about your chosen therapy or mode of healing but...

Why did you choose it?

I bet it's because of the results your clients get, however,

Which are you more passionate about - the ‘therapy’ itself, or the results?

My guess, is the latter. I’ve seen therapists, healers & intuitives training in many things, usually to enhance a client's well-being, but more often, they are also trying to earn extra money and grow their business. I believe when you follow your passion, you overflow with clients and abundance, however, you do need to uncover your true passion; and it might not be the thing you trained in! Let me explain...

I recently spoke with a lady who is part of a famous network marketing healthcare brand. She loves the products and company, however, when I quizzed her on why she was with them, it wasn’t about her passion for the products; it was about her mission to help get women out of the corporate rat-race and create a successful, lifestyle business for themselves. There were lots of ways in which this lady could be doing that; for example through inspirational talks, workshops and books.

So...what could you uncover and share alongside your therapies/healing that really starts to open up and build on that deeper passion of yours?

I'm talking about the experiences, knowledge & expertise you already have, that’s lost when you just give ‘treatments’. I can assist you in uncovering your true passion and together we can create a Unique Transformational Solution. This is your USP and it gives you the ability to stand out over others, share your message with more people and serve them in a deeper way.

  • What issues can you solve and how?
  • What got you on this path?
  • What’s your vision, mission & message?

Don’t be selfish and deny clients the best of you: stand out and shine more!

Are You Ready?

Sharon Lynn